What is a Social Engineer?

A Social Engineer is a con artist - a person that will talk people into revealing passwords or information that will compromise their personal or company security.

Name three general security rules you should practice for your building or office

1. Don't let anyone in if they can't get in themselves

2. Insist on seeing ID from people you don't know 

3. Don't let strangers "mess" with anything even if they do have ID 

4. If access into your area requires a badge, always keep the door closed 

5. Employees required to wear badges should have them visible at all times 

6. Escort visitors to departments. Don't let them wander around

 7. Revoke access immediately when an employee or contractor is terminated or leaves for any reason 

8. Follow your defined process for informing all necessary areas when an employee leaves 

9. Don't leave data at printers, fax and other  

How are passwords like bubble gum?

Passwords are strongest when fresh, they should be used by an individual (not a group) 
 If you leave your passwords laying around, there's a good chance you'll soon have a sticky mess!

Is pepper spray legal? How about tasers?

According to the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and based upon advice from the Commissioner of Police, Pepper Spray AND Tasers are ILLEGAL for citizens to possess, use and carry. If found with these items, they can be seized and you can be subject to arrest by an officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Tasers may only be carried and utilized by trained professionals in the Police service. 

My email is private and no one can look at it - true or false and Why?

The answer is "false" 
The company email system is owned by the company and they are allowed to scan your email for inappropriate use or suspected policy violations 
Even your personal home email is vulnerable to hackers scan information on the internet. Any email on the internet that is not encrypted is exposed to scanning. 

Do you know the steps to CPR?

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